July 9th (6pm) and 10th – 13th (9am – 6pm) This course is designed for Class III (and up) whitewater kayakers interested in becoming an American Canoe Association certified instructor.
We’re finalizing the roster in the next 24 hours so if you know of folks have them contact us ASAP.

This certification is the standard for either volunteer club leaders or professional canoe/kayak instructors. These 4andraquo; days provide an intensive learning experience to advance your personal paddling skills and techniques, teaching progressions and group awareness.

In this workshop, the Instructor Trainer will demonstrate what to teach and how to teach it. Time is spent in the classroom discussing learning theory, safety, basic river maneuvers, water reading, trip planning, and the kayak roll. You will present at least two subjects, both in the classroom and on the water, as though you were teaching a beginning level course. Through these presentations, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your technical knowledge, leadership skills and personal paddling technique. You will also improve your understanding of the art of paddling through discussions and presentations. Exposure to a wide variety of teaching techniques and approaches should enhance your instruction style.

The Instructor Workshop gives prospective instructors the opportunity to meet ACA requirements for Basic River or Whitewater Certification in a river kayak. Most participants hope to receive whitewater certification and our courses are targeted towards this audience. If you are interested in Basic River certification, you are welcome to take the course and can be certified, but be aware that much time is spent on Class II-III whitewater. Please note that our ACA Instructor Workshop is designed to improve the teaching and leadership skills of already competent paddlers and to determine whether ACA certification is justified.

The workshop involves long hours, both on and off the water. Midway through the course each participant will meet with the instructor trainer and receive an informal evaluation. This is intended to inform you of your progress and target weaknesses to help ensure that you can be certified. At the end of the course, participants who pass will receive certification in either Basic River or Whitewater, depending upon the studentand#39;s teaching and paddling skills. If you receive less than whitewater certification, you have the opportunity to upgrade within one yearand#39;s time by andquot;retestingandquot;. Depending upon the amount of time the retesting requires, a fee may or may not be charged.

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