Info regarding USACK World Cup 2008 Events.

April 2, 2008

Dear Competitors,

There is a slight chance that we will have to limit the entries for the World Cup this August in Europe. The United States Kayak Association (USKA) voted on the selection numbers below.

Salida, Colorado will hold the 2008 Nationals. We might not know until after this event if there will be a limit on team numbers. Be sure to come to 2008 Nationals if you want to go to the World Cup, as selections will be made there if the restrictions to 15 are put in place. Contact Risa Shimoda if you qualified at 2007 Nationals to verify if you are planning on attending the World Cup or not.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact USKA. As soon as we have more information we will send it out to you and post it on

Devon Barker

Nationals 2007 (7) Nationals 2008 (9) Total (15)

K1 3 2 5

K1W 1 2 3

K1Jr. 2 2 4

K1WJr. 0 1 1

OC1 0 1 1

C1 0 1 1

*Replacements will come from Nationals 2008 for Nationals 2007 people who cannot make it or for people who place at Nationals 2008 and cannot go.

Elected Officials USACK Freestyle Committee:

  • Chair andamp; overseeing Rules Committee- Risa Shimoda
  • Rules Committee- Clay Wright
  • Vice Chair andamp; Excel Scoring Committee- Matt Solomon
  • Treasurer andamp; overseeing Fundraising Committee- Brian Jennings
  • Newsletter/Ranking Editor- Jeremy Laucks andamp; Devon Barker
  • Events andamp; Program Coordinator- Eleanor Perry andamp; Emily Jackson
  • Athlete Representative- Brian Kirk, Andrew Holcombe, andamp; Morgan Tidd (Jr. Rep.)
  • Media Contacts- Clay Wright andamp; Andrew Holcombe
  • Boater Cross andamp; PA Organizer- Corey Volt
  • Team Manager- to be elected by Freestyle Committee

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USA Canoe Kayak website-Freestyle page

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