Gov. Butch Otter is once again trying to push a bill requiring non-motorized boater registration.

This bill basically pushes the needs of power-boaters (money for access facilities) on those that rarely (if ever) use these points for access.

I have three boats, so at $20 per year I would have to pay $60 every year – and while my boating is advancing, I can only paddle one at a time… My kids (all under 18) have one or two kayaks each. So my 6-year old will be required to pay $20/year as well. This is analogous to requiring you to license your bikes to ride on the road – which would actually make more since considering the road had to be built and the river was already there!

This also begs questions for out of state boaters! So even if you donand#39;t live in Idaho, but plan to paddle here your voice needs to be heard!

Read this from KayakIdaho to get an idea of what exactly is going on. Also read this AW Article which links to this from KTVB .

Then go HERE AND SIGN THE PETITION!! Or write your legislator soon!

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