Recreation update – May 22 By Zimo – Idaho Statesman – Edition Date: 05/22/07

Recreation reports continue to change and are being updated for the Memorial Day weekend.
If you’re a whitewater boater interested in going up north to the Lochsa and Selway rivers, here is some news from the U.S. Forest Service.
All campgrounds along the Selway River corridor will be open for the Memorial Day weekend. O’Hara Campground, 7 miles east of Lowell along Selway River Road, is now open. Reservations can be made for O’Hara Campground, the Johnson Bar group site, and the Meadow Creek Cabin. O’Hara Campground is suitable for RVs.
Boyd and Selway Falls campgrounds are also open and ready for visitors.
If you’re interested in camping along the Lochsa River-U.S. 12 corridor, check out Powell, Wendover, Whitehouse and Wilderness Gateway campgrounds.
Most high elevation are still blocked by snow up north. If you’re thinking of driving the famed Magruder Road, across the middle of Idaho from Elk City to Darby, Mont., forget it. The road is open for a few miles beginning at the Red River Ranger Station but closed after that.
The road from Dixie to Mackay Bar is still closed.

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