Idaho Statesman – Edition Date: 05/11/07 Here’s the latest news on the logjam at Pistol Creek on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

The U.S. Forest Service said today that river runners, who are choosing to launch on the river above the logjam, are experiencing problems because of the lack of approved campsites in the Pistol Creek area, where the logjam is located. Normally, there are only a limited number of campsites on the whole length of the wilderness river, and they are in established places.
To address the problem, the federal agency will establish several temporary campsites in the area of the logjam. These additional camps will allow floaters the ability to camp near the logjam as they portage around it.
River rangers will be stationed at the Dolly Lake campsite upstream to contact floaters prior to reaching the logjam, and near the logjam site itself, to provide detailed information on the temporary camp locations.
Since it takes additional time to portage around the logjam, the Forest Service will authorize an additional day on the river to any group that requests it in advance. The standard fees will be applied for this additional day, the agency said.
These temporary measures will be in place as long as needed and will be modified, the agency said. The Forest Service said it will not clear the logjam.
The logjam is blocking the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in the same place as one last July. The Forest Service dynamited the logjam last summer because several hundred whitewater boaters were stranded upstream.

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Temporary Camps for Middle Fork Floaters