Idaho Whitewater License Sales Benefit Boaters!

Boaters, kayakers, rescue teams and conservationists will benefit from sales of Idahos Wild Rivers specialty license plates.
A citizens advisory committee has approved spending $21,800 in revenue from the special plate for river access improvements at the Cabarton Bridge in Valley County, parking area improvements at the Banks access for the Payette River, a portable light tower to help the Garden Valley Fire Protection District in night river rescues and tourism promotion efforts by the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association and the Kamiah Chamber of Commerce.
Valley County is working with the Idaho Whitewater Association, Tamarack Resort and other outfitters to build a new boat ramp at the Cabarton Bridge, construct a boat-rigging concrete pad, improve parking and build a permanent rest room. The whitewater plates are providing $6,000 toward the cost.
“We know that hundreds of people enjoy floating the Cabarton section of the Payette River, County Clerk Archie Banbury said. The installation of a second boat ramp will help alleviate overcrowding and congestion on weekends.”
The Forest Services Emmett Ranger District, U.S. Forest Service is using $2,000 for parking improvements at Banks, which serves as a put-in for boaters on the Main Payette and a take-out for floaters on the North and South Fork Payette rivers. The Idaho Whitewater Association, the Idaho Parks and Recreation Department, the Idaho Transportation Department and the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association are cooperating.
The Garden Valley Fire Protection District is using $3,500 for a portable Night Hawk Light Tower.
Trying to rescue people and transport them up steep slopes poses great risks for our volunteers as well as the victims, said Captain Phil Palmiotto of the districts Swift Water Rescue Team. When we run into fading daylight circumstances and have to call for Boise County light systems, we lose precious time, especially if a person requires medical attention.
Members of the panel responsible for distributing the license plate proceeds are Bill Sedivy of Idaho Rivers United, Alan Hamilton of inflatable boat manufacturer AIRE of Meridian, Jo Cassin of Idaho Rivers Sports, Howard Miller of the Idaho Whitewater Association and Jackie Nefzger of Mackay River Trips.
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