Water levels are high and so was the energy at Dead Dog Hole for some fun competition. The event starting out with a bang as someone driving by on I-90 called in a kayaker in distress and we were paid a visit by a couple of County Sheriff Deputies that just wanted to make sure everyone was OK. Both declined the offer to jump in some of our spare gear and get out on the water with us. We paired up in teams of two for a combined score rodeo. Each team got three rides and one down river freestyle session. Afterwards everyone hung out for a short surf session and caught view of a classic Eastern Washington Sunset.
1st Place went to Team Old School– Jacob Peterson and Drew Stephens. Scoring 29 points, mixing up some old school moves with smooth cart wheels and modern freestyle.
2nd Place went to Team Send It—Ben Jordan and Chris Mowry. Scoring 20 points, and going big on every ride with plenty of loops and even a solid wing over entry on the down river freestyle session.
Taking up the rear was Team Zero—Brian Jamieson and Blake Sommers. Scoring 0 points, and showing up fashionably late but just in time to catch some surf before sunset.

Photos by Bart Rayniak