Good morning, Wenatchee Valley!!
What an epic day it is turning out to be! Time to bust out those tank tops, board shorts, and bikinis because summer is like, “pssst… pssssssst!!!!! It’s time to party!”
Here is a quick recap of the events we have completed over the previous month of World Kayak Wednesdays:
April 4th- Tumwater Relay
April 11th- Third Amigo Head to Head
April 18th- Rodeo to Cashmere Endurance Race
April 25th- House Run Time Trials
This is a pretty sweet start to a competitive season of boating. I want to extend a huge thanks to everyone for coming out and given’er.
So, in interest of adding yet another race format to the line up, I present to you tonight’s World Kayak Weekly Wednesday Event!!!!
Lower Icicle Team Race!!
This is a blend of teamwork, endurance, creeking, and flat water sprinting. We will group up in teams of two or three, and make our way from the Snow Lakes Trail Bridge, all the way to the take out. The purpose of the team aspect, is safety. A team is solely responsible for making sure each other make it down the river safely.
This is a classic format on more difficult river races such as the Robe Race, which is this weekend, and the Callaghan Race which is July 14th. Go fast, take chances, and watch out for your buddy.
Teams will start together, and must finish with no more than one minute between the first and last team member. So no ditching your team mate who is side surfing the dam wondering when he is going to get hit with a bag.
I do need a couple volunteers for timing, safety, photos, and shuttle, so if you are available and don’t want to race, please come hang out! (Hint: #Iciclebrewingcompany)
Have a wonderful sunny Wednesday and I will see you all tonight! 5:00 at the Snow Lakes Trailhead parking lot!