Good morning, Wenatchee Valley!!

It is an incredible day to be alive in this world, surrounded by all of these beautiful people. The sun is shining, the river is on the way up, and the stoke is high.

I would like to thank everyone again for your continued attendance to our weekly events. It makes a huge difference in my event planning morale when 16 paddlers show up to a race as opposed to 2, so lets keep it up!

Last week we tested our abilities on a long distance endurance race. I was really impressed with how small the intervals between finishes were. For a 3.98 mile race (Thanks Darren), the time difference between the first and last finishers was only 2:59. So nice job out there. Everyone is getting strong!

This evening, I am bringing yet another race format to the river. In interest of reaching deep and drawing out all of the self drive we can muster, we’re going short and fast, but all by ourselves. Today’s Wednesday World Kayak Event is…

House Run Time Trials!

Starting at the Osprey Rafting put in, just west of Leavenworth, we will get a quick warm up lap in so everyone can scope their lines. If you want to put in below exit, that is fine, just don’t swim.

For lap two, we will stage paddlers in the eddy in some order that we have previously decided on. Paddlers will take off from the starting line in one minute intervals. It is important that we are ready to hustle and be ready when it is your turn because the timing system relies on it. Each paddler will be provided their course time after everyone has competed.

This event is going to be rather quick, because, afterwards we’re having a BBQ throw down at my place on East Leavenworth Road. Bring salads, chips, beer, soda, pasta, whatever sounds good! I would appreciate it if people would post what they are bringing so we don’t end up with 20 bags of Juanitas Tortilla chips.

If you cannot make the paddling event, please come hang out anyway! Feel free to bring your girl, your kid, your dog, or just yourself.

Paddlers, meet at the Icicle Bridge at 5:00!

Any questions? Holler at me.