Photo by Dale Swanson

Bristol Motor Speedway was not the only great racing colosseum the weekend of April 13-15th in the Tri-Cities! #beatnightfall at NoliFest had lots of action in the 8 mile enduro style course down the Nolichucky Gorge.

There were a total of 25 athletes in the inaugural event and Shane Benedict cheered from the side as the honorary sweep.  The river level was near 1,400 CFS, which was a decent medium flow for the run from Popular, NC to USA Raft Outpost near Erwin, TN (The site of NoliFest).  The GO FAST event was a mass start at the put-in and first one down to the USA Raft landing was the winner!  The real interesting part of the event was the BoaterX did not start till late in the evening at 7:00 PM, so athletes only had about an hour and a half to complete the course before the ran out of daylight.

 Photo by Ryan Horn

Athlete’s spirits were high and motivated to go fast when the 3..2..1..GO countdown went down and huge wake was created in the pool at launch!  Rubbing was part to of this BoaterX event as athletes jostled for positions down the course.

Photo by Chris Clark

There were a few good rowdy moments for sure!  The winning time ended up being right at 1 hour and everyone finished the course before darkness set in for the night.  Good times, good times!!


Men’s K-1 Top 10 Results:

1. Chris Gragtmans

2. Curtis England

3. Clay Lucas

4. Hunter Cooper

5. Ryan Horn

6. Tyler Mayo

7. Dennis Gilfillan

8. Dennis Ashford

9. Unknown?

10. Kevin Drury


Women’s K-1 Results:

1. Kim Altman


SUP Results:

1. Spencer Lacy

2. Jack Nelson

3. Dale Swanson

4. Will Saylor


Bellyak Results:

1. Adam Masters

Photo by Stephanie Ashford

Kevin Thomas Drury Video: