Good morning Wenatchee Valley paddlers!!!
First of all, I would like to thank all of the whitewater boat riders who have participated in the last two weeks of events. The races have been competitive, the drive to perform is apparent, and the Bootjack has been extra tasty, as has the Fanta and Gatorade (Kurt).
Secondly, I have been receiving a lot of feedback from the community pertaining to new events that you would all like to see. Keep the ideas coming!! This is extremely helpful in creating fun, new, and competitive kayaking events every week, so thank you for that.
Lastly, here is what we bout to get into tonight!
Down River Endurance Challenge!!!
The first two events this season focused on navigating semi-difficult whitewater with speed, power, and agility. However, no section we have raced was longer than a three minute sprint. As we enter the heart of spring runoff, endurance and cardio are attributes that will be necessary for descents of Icicle Creek, Tumwater at high flows, and countless hours of getting blunted at Turkey Shoot (translate as you wish).
Also, on the horizon, are big events such as the Robe Race, the North Fork Championships, and many other events across the country where the competition lives and breathes whitewater.
So, here is the plan for tonight.
We will meet at Riverside park in Cashmere at 5:00 pm. With as few vehicles as possible, we will transport all competitors to the Dryden Dam. Paddlers will have from the Dryden Dam to Rodeo Hole to warm up. Then, we will have a MASS START RACE from Rodeo Hole, to the Cashmere Bridge.
I understand that this is not a challenging section of river and the flows are not “high”. That is not the point. The purpose of this event is to understand what is necessary to remain competitive in a down river paddle that takes over 20 minutes. I will be providing a finish time to each paddler. That way you can repeat this stretch of river at a future date and gauge your improvement, if you wish.
Drink lots of water today, eat a decent meal at least an hour before the event, and I will see you all at 5:00! Any questions? Bring em to the take out.