Good morning Wenatchee Valley!!
I know its been a long week of anticipation since our last World Kayak Wednesday, but I’m about to drop it like its hot!
Last Wednesday, we had 15 competitors show up to paddle in a torrential downpour. As I look out over Leavenworth this morning, it’s looking pretty damn bluebird out there. The river levels are up, the greens and blossoms are starting to pop, and it is just looking really awesome up here in Bavaria right now.
So, without boring you with more BS about how rad of a day it is in Leavenworth, here you go. Todays World Kayak Wednesday event is…
Third Amigo Head to Head Races!!!
This is a classic event in the Spring community event series and the water levels are working out perfect right now.
The event rules are as follows:
Upon arrival of participants, names of present competitors will be drawn and paired in twos. This will be a bracket format event where competitors will races two at a time and the victor of each race will continue to the next heat. The loser can practice their roll in an eddy.
The race will start in the river right eddy above the Third Amigo, and end at some point below the rapid that I decide on later.
We will meet at the Castle Rock parking lot at 5:00 pm.
If you are feeling like the Third Amigo at current flows may be too difficult for you, this is a great opportunity to get on the water with several experienced paddlers and work your way through the rapid with more safety than you’ll know what to do with. After the races are over, there will be plenty of time to practice lines and get a couple casual laps on the Third Amigo.
I am stoked to see everyone tonight! Bring your game face!