Good morning, friends of the Wenatchee Valley!!

I am honored to present to you, the first of the 2018 World Kayak Organization Wednesday Community Event Series.

It wasn’t easy deciding how to kick off the season, but after weighing out the options and really putting a lot of thought into it, here is what I have come up with.


Yeah I know, surprise surprise, of course the first event is Leavenworth, but you Wenatchee folk are just going to have to bail out of work early and make the haul up here because no one wants to paddle the Columbia.

Without further ado, here are the rules:

The Dam to Redbridge section of Tumwater Canyon will be broken up into four sections.

1) River right eddy below dam to the island directly above the first amigo
2) Island described above to river right beach after first amigo
3) River right beach below first amigo to river right beach below second amigo.
4)River right beach below second amigo to the take out rock pile zone river left after the third amigo

Paddlers will group up in teams of four (4) and delegate a section of river to each member of the team. Please understand that there are sections that are class III with alternate put ins and take outs that negate the more difficult rapids. I don’t want to hear any complaining that this is a “Tumwater” event and it is too hard. The second amigo is easier and less consequential than Snowblind right now (Elliott, you don’t know Snowblind yet, but it will be on the quiz).

As this is a relay, the first paddler from each team will start in a mass start fashion from the river right eddy below the dam. Each paddler will be carrying a “baton” to pass to the next member of their team, who will already be waiting at the launch point of their section.

The first team to get their “baton” to the end of the course after the third amigo, wins the event. Then we will have refreshments and celebrate the beginning of the season at the Red Bridge Beach. Paddlers can arrive at the beach via highway or river.

Any questions? Bring them to the Red Bridge tonight at 5:00. I will see you all there!



P.S. Feel free to start putting teams together during the day today. It will make everything much smoother when we all show up tonight.