The Race is set for this Saturday if the river is above 250 CFS @ 2:00 PM!

Come up to the high country for the Watauga Race!

Be at the put-in, with shuttle set at 2:00 PM.  Flow must be above 250cfs in order for the race to happen.

Format will be the same as previous years– mass start free for all from the put-in to the pool below Stateline.

The start time is late enough for folks to get a practice lap in the AM (which is recommended if you aren’t familiar with the run), or if it rains more to get a quick lap on something else.  Also, Try to bring as few cars up to the top as possible, as parking up there is limited.

Bring it…..

Event Organizer: Bernie Engelman

*The Watauga Race is not a race, it’s a group paddle with no one setting safety and maybe even no one keeping track of the time, so don’t race if you aren’t comfortable running the Watauga solo.