A whitewater park on the Lower Watauga River could be coming to Elizabethton, TN soon thanks to some good work between the Elizabethton IDEAS Group, Appalachian Paddling Enthusiasts and Tennessee Valley Authority! :-)

Project Update:

Project Coordinator, Metin Eryasa, has spoken with the folks from River Restoration in Carbondale, Colorado and it looks like we will be bringing them to Elizabethton sometime in the first 2 weeks of February 2018.  While here they will survey our possible sites.  Then they will give a presentation of what we can expect and all that wil be involved.  There will also be a question/answer period so that by the end of the presentation local officials and residents will have a good idea of what we are proposing. The fee to bring River Restoration to Elizabethton is $6,800.  We already have raised over $5,000 towards the $6,800.  We are on the final stretch and I feel confident we will reach our goal.

You can help support the #SURFBETSY project by purchasing a window sticker (as seen above). The money from these stickers will go directly toward the project as well as let more people know what we are doing. Please go by Jiggy Ray’s Downtown Pizzeria and purchase a sticker. We are asking for a minimum $5 contribution for each sticker.

Check out the video link below about River Restoration and a couple of parks they have already built for more information: