We had nine participants in our 1.5 mile boater cross race on the Deschutes River this year.  Lava Island Falls was created by a recent lava flow that blocked the river and created two remote drops with a hidden lake in-between.   Scotty Baker provided the inspiration and ran a fabulous event.  It went so well that we are already collaborating on next year’s event.  The race down Lava I was an exciting exchange of positions as Walker pulled ahead in the S turn chute only to get stuck in the eddy below with Orion.  Jason took the middle route and the lead, down the left hand channel over Brads Bung-hole.  Scotty followed Jason after cutting off Orion who was exiting the eddy.  Coming back for more, Orion rammed Scotty’s stern going over BBH, but by then Walker was up to speed in the RPM and was gaining on Jason going into Cut-em Up.  Across the lake the distance between racers expanded and after a quick run down Lava II they were jockeying for the finish line.   There Walker and Scotty tangled boats while Orion charge by unobstructed for the podium.  All boaters had a mostly clean run and the raft support sweep followed everyone out.  This was a very exciting pilot event from which we hope it will grow to become a local classic.


Orion Junkens

Walker Davis

Scotty Baker

Jason Bowerman

Jake Zywicke

Aaron Anerson

David Kinker

Niko Peha

Alex Mattick

John Cramp