River: Shoshone

Difficulty: IV

Description: Top-Drop is located at the base of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. It is the first runnable rapid on the Canyon section of the Shoshone. Because of the minimum flow requirements released from the Buffalo Bill Reservoir, this drop runs year round. This drop is characterized by several large boulders scattering the left and right banks. There is a fast tube of water moving through the center of the drop, feeding a large semi-retentive hole at the bottom, above a large eddy. There is a “hero” line located on the far right side of the river. The water collects in a small eddy, then flows over a five foot drop into an even smaller eddy, that feeds into a large sieve. With a hard left boof the line runs smoothly, but it is not one you want to find yourself outside of your boat above. The typical line is known as the “race line”. This is run straight down the center. Its steep characteristics provides the boater with enough speed to shoot through the hole at the bottom.