Meeting at Green Bridge Landing river access across from Hampton High School at 10:00 A.M. to clean the Lower Doe River section to Valley Forge, TN.  Jerry Griffin will discuss the sections that he has mapped and crews assigned at the river access Saturday morning.

Most of the cleanup will be wading and walking the river banks to collect trash. We can still use boats to haul trash out on by pulling them with our rope, but at these levels the water will to shallow to paddle in most places.
We want to get as much trash as possible out of the river, but are looking to clean up to the flood plain for safety reasons and time limitations.  We will carry the trash to the roadside for pickup and removal.  Carter County is placing a dumpster at Green Bridge Landing to collect all trash from cleanup.  APE’s will provide trash bags and gloves to all participants.

Return to Green Bridge Landing by 4:00 PM for a pizza party from Jiggy Ray’s (