The Annual “Babes On The Waves” River Run on the Pigeon River!
We’re making it a double trip on the Pigeon River again this year, staggering an Upper and Lower run!


Saturday, August 5 at NOC, 3485 Hartford Rd, Hartford, TN at the NOC….
Upper Trip (Class II-III) meeting at 12:00 lead by Jennifer Bradley & Jo Pasqua
Lower Trip (Class I-II) meeting at 3:00 lead by Debbie Briscoe

After we’re off the river we can all go out to eat.

Once a year all the female APE’ets come together to rule the river. All are welcome, even you guy’s who don’t want to be left out, we don’t discriminate, but it’s our day and we want to get as many female paddlers out on the water as we can! So all you Gals out there plan to join us on the water Saturday, August 5th!

Debbie Briscoe,