Oh yeah! It’s Wednesday again!

Summer is here in full effect and it’s time to celebrate. Since we took last Wednesday off, we’re coming back in force this week.

We have had a couple events on the Haus Run so far this season and there have been variable results. The Haus Run relay brought up some logistical confusion for some, and the head to head races only took 20 minutes for two heats.

You know what they say, the third time is a charm! So tonight, for the last event of June, I bring to you, Haus Run Uber Tube Boater X!!

That’s right! No kayaks this time! I have coordinated with Osprey Rafting to set us up with a fleet of tubes. The name of the game is to:

1) Rock your favorite tubing gear
2) Not loose your tube
3) Be the first one to the Icicle Bridge

This will be a quick and easy event and then we can go paddle Icicle.

If you have any questions, bring them to the Icicle Bridge. We’ll meet there at 5:30.



P.S. PFD’s and helmets are required for Uber Tubing. TuTu’s and GoPro’s are encouraged. Flippers are not allowed.