The final Reno hometown throwdown of 2017 went down yesterday evening at Rock Park in Sparks, NV.  We had a good showing of local boaters who all did two runs of the timed playboat race we set up.  At the current flow 3,000 cfs, Rock Park has a great rodeo hole and a big green wave.  Racers had to make their way across the river to the top hole and throw a trick of some sort which was graded on a 1-3 scale depending on the difficulty of the trick, for a 1-2-3 they got 20-40-60 seconds taken off their time.  Next the racers had to catch the green wave and sustain a 10 second surf before they could make the big eddy climb to cross the river to the finish.  Miss surfing a feature and 100 seconds were added onto their time.

Usually we raffle off the prizes but for the final event of the year in Reno, the winner of the race gets first choice which yesterday was a brand new IR drytop.  Enjoy the pictures and come out to see us next year for fun, free beer, and lots of prizes from our sponsors: Ninkasi Brewing, IR, Astral, Mountain Khakis, Effort Inc, Accent Paddles, and Jackson Kayak.