Oh yeah, it’s Wednesday again. Who’s ready to get sick?!

With the sun out and river levels that are higher than 4500 cfs(finally), its time to throw down. I’ve noticed that everyone has been spending a lot of time in their short boats lately so lets check in on how well thats paying off.

Tonights World Kayak Wednesday Event is… Turkey Shoot Freestyle Throw Down.

It works like this. All participants will be split up into groups of 3-4. Each group will have five minutes to get as many quality rides on the wave as possible. Riders will be scored individually on the following:
-Trick Difficulty

Points will be awarded for each surf that a rider establishes. The total amount of points that each rider earns will be added up to dictate their final score. The rider with the most points at the end of the five minute heat earns themselves a high five, some paddle wax, and a DVD.

Depending on how everyone feels, we may do two heats per group.

If you have any questions, bring them to the take out in Cashmere at 5:30 tonight. See you all there!!