Good morning and welcome to Wednesday!!

Our weekly race series has been going off without a hitch this year. A huge thank you to all of our participants for showing up and givin ‘er!

After three successful races in Tumwater Canyon, its time to mix it up a bit. With play boating season just around the corner, lets go shake some of that rust off!

Tonights event: Turkey Shoot Flat-spinathon!!

Whether you are brand new to play boating, or you like to take naps while surfing Grannies, this event is for you. The name of the game is to execute as many flat spins as you can during a single surf on the Turkey Shoot wave.

Riders will have three recorded attempts to establish a surf, and spin to your hearts content. The best ride will count as your final score.

I will be at Riverfront Park in Cashmere at 5:15ish with paperwork and a good attitude. Lets meet at the park and work out our shuttle logistics before we all head up to the Roadside put in so we can get a good warm up in on our way down to Turkey Shoot. We will start recording surfs at 6:30!

I’m looking forward to yet another night of getting sick on the riv with everyone. See you all there!!

P.S. Wenatchee folk, lets see if we can’t make it to this one, eh? Jakub Nemec, you’ve been doing a great job. Everyone else, see you tonight!