Good morning Wenatchee Valley!!

As the rain falls and the rivers rise, it’s time for another World Kayak Wednesday!!

Given that the rivers in the valley are going to go nuclear in the next week or two, I thought we would take advantage of Tumwater Canyon at mortal levels one last time.

Coming to you with an oldie but goodie, get ready for Tumwater Boater X!!

Tonights event will be split into three stages of mass start races. Competitors will accumulate points as they work their way through each stage. The paddler with the most points at the end of stage three, takes the win.

Race #1 will be a mass start boater X race from the river right eddy above the Dam Rapid to the exposed rock in the middle of the river in between the first and second amigos. After a short rest and regroup, we will continue to stage two.

Race #2 will be another boater X race down the Second Amigo.

Race #3 will be the final boater X race, starting above the Third Amigo and finishing on river left below the Castle Rock Parking lot, similar to last weeks finish line.

This 3 race line up is designed around a point system. For each of the 3 races, 5 points will be awarded to 1st place, 3 points will go to 2nd place, and 1 point will go to 3rd place. Points will be added from the total of the three races to declare the winner.

We will meet at the Castle Rock parking lot, same as last week, at 5:30 pm. After gearing up and getting paperwork out of the way, we’ll load boats and head to the dam.

Please be familiar with this section of river at these levels (3400 cfs in Peshastin) if you plan on racing. Also be diligent about carrying proper safety equipment, i.e. float bags. Also, boat length restriction is 9 feet. No sea kayaks this time!

If you don’t plan on racing, this one will definitely be spectator worthy, not to mention camera worthy. So come hang out and watch the carnage!
If you have any questions, or are keen for a practice lap, hit me up!!

See you all tonight!