Alright, alright, alright… Event 3 in the Wenatchee Valley for the World Kayak hometown throw down. Is the “Three Amigos Race”! The format will be a race chaser start or Pursuit. At the call of 3, 2, 1, Go!, we will release the first racer then in 5 second intervals each succeeding racer will follow. The second race will receive a 5 second deduction, third a 10 second, fourth a 15 second and so on. At the end of the event the finishing judge will tally up the racers results. This format will give competitors just enough space to charge their line but there is still the potential to get over taken during the run. This race is rough 1100 – 1200 meters and is intended to test the paddler’s forward stroke. The time domain for this event is estimate to in the 7 – 15 minute range. For those training for the Robe race this is a great chance to practice drafting and or your power move to overtake a competitor. For this event we will need a minimum of two volunteers if you are interested please let me know. If there are any local photographers that have the evening free come out and join us.

Registration starts at 5:00pm
Competitor briefing 5:30 – 5:45 pm
Race start around 6:00 pm

Looking forward to racing with everyone. Cheers!