It’s Wednesday again, and the river is even higher than last week. I guess we’re getting that big runoff we’ve been hoping for! It looks like she peaked this morning at just under 19,000 cfs and is now slowly creeping down. I paddled the play run yesterday in my Rockstar and there were few waves that were really crackin in the short boat. However, there was one that was extra baller.

Given that this may be a once every couple years flow, tonight we are going to get our big wave surf on. The location? The newly named “Infinity Wave” in Drunkards Drop.

Drunkards has been home to some of the most rippable waves on the Wenatchee. With the classic Hawaii 5-0, the big air inducing Trinity, and the coldest ‘Jacuzzi’ you’ve ever been in, it’s time to add one more to the list of shred spots stacked up in this short section of river.

This evening, be prepared to hike laps, paddle hard, and surf big because it is on! We will meet at the Cashmere take out at 5:30, as per usual. See you all there!!




P.S. Bonus points for breaking out the old school boats!