Well, at least we’re getting consistent water levels every Wednesday! After a couple fun weeks on the play run, its time to break the creek boats back out. This week we’re going to try something a little different.

Tonights World Kayak Wednesday event is: House Run Relay!!

By gathering in teams of three, we are going to position team members in the eddies after Triple Shot and Tindley’s. The first paddler will carry the “baton” down to the next paddler and hand it off. The second paddler will deliver the “baton” to to the third paddler, and so on. The third paddler needs to get the “baton” to the Icicle Bridge. Now the kicker of this whole ordeal, is that each team of three must complete two laps! Yes, this includes coordinating your shuttle and getting your team back to the top for lap two. If you would like to bring a designated driver, feel free. The first team to get their “baton” down to the bridge after two laps, is the victor.

So, this is going to take some strategy. Start thinking about teams. An RSVP might be useful on this one so let us know if you’re planning on coming. Lets plan to meet at the Icicle Bridge at 5:30 and let the chaos ensue.