Alright team, lets milk this last day of sunshine before the rains grace us with their presence!

The last couple Wednesdays, we’ve been treated with some real high water which brought in some baller surf waves. Now that we got our big wave fix, its time to down shift into second and go fast again.

When I kicked off the World Kayak Wednesdays in March, we had almost six straight weeks of river levels between 3500 and 4500 cfs. As fun as that was, and with all the good times we had in the canyon, I am stoked to work with some high levels for some other sections of river that we don’t dabble in too often.

With that being said, tonight’s World Kayak Wednesday Event is… House Run Head to Head!!

Starting at the “High Adventure” put in (Not the one at the bottom of Exit), two paddlers at a time will race each other to the Icicle Bridge. If you loose, you get to hang out and drink beer. If you win, you get to go again. We will draw names at the pre race meeting and build a bracket.

With flows of almost 10,000 cfs, we’ll be moving fairly quickly out there. I am anticipating sub 5 minute laps.

So, rally up to the Icicle Bridge after work or boating or whatever it is you’re doing today, and get your race on. For those of you who haven’t been on the House Run this high, do not be discouraged. While it may be big, it is pool drop and the rapids are friendly.

See you all at 5:30 tonight!