Yesterday, I was out on the play run with my boy Jay Thomas, and he was straight ripping the Sh*t out of the Fluffy Bunny in Grannies! I haven’t been play boating much this year so it has been off my radar but it turns out that it is really fun! Not to mention, some of the best practice for kayaking in general that you can get.

With that being said, break out your Neti Pots and get your face ready for some serious water flow because tonights World Kayak Wednesdays event is…


Riders will have three attempts to throw down their biggest trick. Points will be awarded for Grace, Amplitude, Ingenuity, and Style. Bonus points will be awarded for combos of sick tricks during the same surf.

If the Window Shade is your go to move, come show us how its done! No elitism here, just a good old fashion surf throw down.

If someone would like to bring a raft to boat in gear such as chairs, lounge sacks, or an AIRE Couch (Patterson Int-Hout), that would be awesome.

As always, we want to collect as much media as possible so bring your camera’s, iPhones, GoPros, drones, polaroids, whatever you got.

See everyone tonight at Riverside Park at 5:30ish!