Here it comes. One of the biggest flushes of snow melt we have seen in a couple years. Our rivers are getting STOUT right now!! The last time the Wenatchee River saw flows like we are about to experience was in November 2015. Luckily for us, this time we are getting the flood while its 80 degrees outside instead of 20.

Everything is insanely impressive right now. If you have a moment to drive up Tumwater Canyon or Icicle Canyon, it is worth checking out.

As for tonight and our World Kayak Wednesday Event, we’re going play boating, no doubt!

This evening, we should be expecting over 17,000 cfs on the Wenatchee. For a lot of paddlers, this will be the highest that they have been out there. With that in mind, we’ve got to keep our heads on a swivel.

Standard operation play run tonight. I hope to see the team out in force. 5:30 at Riverside Park. Get stoked!!