There was another great turn out for last night’s Home Town Throw Down and it was another fun evening of kayaking on the Spokane. We changed it up a little bit with a boater cross/relay. Competitors drew names out of a hat to make the teams of two and determine who went first. The first competitor had to start out of their boat on Flora Beach, launch, and sprint to the whale eddy above Mini Climax, paddle high five their partner to pass the baton, and send their partner sprinting to the finish at the Sullivan Hole take out. Everyone paddled hard and we were done so fast that the group was left in the eddy trying to decide what challenge we should take on next. Marcus decided to start a timer to see who could attain the furthest point upstream in a five minute period. Needless to say, once the group was done, all arms felt like rubber and it was time to hang out at the tailgate.
A huge thanks to Marcus Lees for MC’ing the event and making it possible for me to play in the event with my son Colin and the Dynamic Duo Kayak!
First Heat:
1st-Jonah & Jacob
2nd-Jeff & Pat
3rd-Ben & Mark
Second Heat:
1st-Niel & Nick tied with Aaron & Chris C.
2nd-Ron and Chris
3rd-Steve and Colin in the duo (disqualified due to being over 9’ )
Attainment Comp:
2nd-Steve & Colin
3rd-Niel & Nick tied
5th-Chris C.