Tumwater Canyon of the Wenatchee River. Photo: Jay Thomas


As the seasons change and the snow melts, the rivers in the Wenatchee Valley have been coming to life. In fact, we’ve been experiencing healthy flows in our rivers outside of Leavenworth for over a month now. With this being the case, the paddling community of the Wenatchee Valley isn’t letting their boats stay dusty until summer. We have been getting after it on the daily and at least once a week, the community comes together to rip it.

Mass start Boater X races bring the action. Photo: Lizzie Bridges

I came up with the idea of World Kayak Wednesdays last summer and it definitely started to catch on. Considering that many paddlers in our area have day jobs, or children, or prior weekend obligations, I decided that the best time to get the paddling community together for some healthy competition is mid week evenings. Thus, World Kayak Wednesdays were born.

Jean Luc laying down the law. Photo: Jay Thomas

Every Wednesday morning, between 8:00 and 10:00, I announce the event type and location for that evenings event on our local paddler Facebook page. This gives us accurate flow predictions and protects the competition from any practice advantages. We all meet at the designated location, discuss rules, and have ourselves an event. Participation this year has been amazing and the number of out of town paddlers who make a point to be here for our events is inspiring.

Tom Potter and Lance Reif fighting for the fast line while Jakub Nemek greases it. Photo: Lizzie Bridges

So far, we have had Boater X races, head to head elimination, and time trial formats. Every week is different as water levels are changing and fun event ideas are introduced.

There seems to be a general consensus on the 'fast' line. Photo: Lizzie Bridges

If you are planning on visiting the Wenatchee Valley and would like to get involved in a World Kayak Wednesday event, just look up the Wenatchee Valley Kayak Chat on Facebook and get the down low!

Brett Barton pulling hard through the 1st Amigo. Photo: Jay Thomas

Happy paddling and have a great spring!!