Where: 120 Spring St, Hampton, TN 37658

We will meet at the property that is located across Highway 19E from Hampton High School adjacent to the south bound 19E Bridge going over the river.


What: We have been given our Go Ahead for a work day at the Hampton property. The plan for the work day is to gravel the parking area, clear the underbrush and get as much trash out as we can.


Lunch will be provided by Bull and Johnny from Jiggy Ray’s Downtown Pizzeria. There will also be coverage by the press and possibly TV stations.

Come prepared with work clothes, boots, gloves and any hand tools you would like to help use in the cleanup.

We’ve already got well trained volunteers that will be there with chain saws, dump truck, skidsteer and operator for the heavy work.

Please come and volunteer whatever time you can give during the day: 1 hour, half day or a full day. Any and all help will be very much appreciated on this work day.  This is something we can take pride in with our efforts and ensure future generations the gift of paddling access to this awesome natural resource!


We look forward to seeing you there.

Work Day Coordinator:
Metin Eryasacapt_met@yahoo.com or (423) 895-0058