Where: USA Raft – 2 Jones Branch Rd, Erwin TN 37650
When: March 18 – 19
Meeting Time: 10am March 18th

Every spring, temperatures warm up and it’s that time again; to clean up your home and all that you love. For Dane Jackson, the Tennessee rivers and waterways have been his home since he first hopped in a boat. Conscious of the trash floating down river and collected at the shores as he paddles, Danes wants to make sure that the water that gave him his life’s passion are clean and usable for the next generation of young kayakers. 

Dane Jackson is teaming up with the University of Tennessee Knoxville Outdoor Program and USA Raft to take a group of kayak and outdoor enthusiasts on a two-day trip to clean up the Nolichucky River. The team will be launching from the USA Raft facility each morning and will host a BBQ to all participants on Saturday night.  Any questions, e-mail Nils (Nils.Granger@us.redbull.com)

Register herehttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe2c8Q_aAgQowK7zphhZKPIfk9RcWkPV-PTFF-cr42DNcAs7A/viewform