For our 6th Hometown Throwdown this year we had us a good old fashion game of Kayak Polo. The teams each consisted of two advanced paddlers, two intermediate, and one beginner. With the teams set, our two teams set themselves at opposite ends of the pool. With the sound of a whistle, the match commenced.

Both teams looked strong coming out of the gate. The blue team reached the ball first and began their assault on red teams net. The rules were kept simple. No intentional rolling, and no swinging of the paddles. The blue team showed some great passing ability and quickly made their way to the net. Red team member Scott was quite good at covering the net and blocked the first shot by the blue team. Scott threw the ball out to Destin, who began charging hard at the blue team’s net. From about ten feet, he launched a powerful shot straight into the net. Blue team member David began paddling down the pool, while team member Jerod threw the ball right next to him. The red team began to close in, and David quickly passed off to Billy, who snuck the ball in the corner of the net.

The score was tied, and blue team expert Scott was charging down the open pool, with Jerod on his tail. Scott transitioned from paddling to throwing, when the two boats collided. Scott, while on his way under, flips the ball into the net and rolls up with a hand roll. Both teams decided that because of the pure style in which this shot was executed, two points would be awarded.

Several more goals were scored by both teams, and the total score was 7 to 7. The game ended in a tie, and the remaining time was spent working on rolls, and freestyle moves.

We look forward to the next event, Kayak Football.