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The race started in the river right eddy beside the wooden launch ramp at the bottom of the 660 steps to get down into the gorge.  The finish line was the confluence of the river into Tugalo Lake.  The race course was 1.54 miles long through all the major rapids of the Tallulah Gorge and dropped 413 total vertical feet.  The race was a time trial event in which each racer was started in one minute intervals.  There were 35 spots open for boaters to apply and qualification for the race was based on past experience at the Green Race, the Lord of the Fork race, and Tallulah Gorge experience.  A total of 33 racers gave this race a go!

Top 3 Men:

  1. Pat Keller – Stinger – 10:27
  2. Zach Fraysier – Karma Unlimited – 10:32
  3. Brad McMillan – Green Boat – 10:37

Top 3 Women:

  1. Adriene Levknecht – Green Boat – 11:08
  2. Rowan Stuart – Green Boat – 12:19
  3. NA


Complete Race Results:

Place  Bib Name Boat Finish Time
1 1 Pat Keller Liquid Logic Stinger   10:27
2 8 Zach Fraysier Jackson Karma Unlimited  10:32
3 2 Brad McMillan Dagger Green Boat    10:37
4 3 Hunt Jennings Liquid Logic Stinger   10:44
5 12 Tad Dennis Dagger Green Boat    10:49
6 4 Holt McWhirt   Dagger Green Boat    11:00
6 6 Hunter Cooper  Dagger Green Boat    11:00
6 26 Bobby Miller   Liquid Logic Stinger   11:00
9 5 Adriene Levknecht  Dagger Green Boat    11:08
10 30 Paul Prather Dagger Green Boat    11:18
11 13 Grady Flynn Dagger Green Boat    11:20
12 9 Wade Harrison Dagger Green Boat    11:21
13 16 Logan Foster Dagger Green Boat    11:34
14 11 Mark Robertson Dagger Green Boat    11:36
15 14 Ben Drew Liquid Logic Stinger   11:51
16 34 Brandon Beaty Jackson Karma Unlimited  11:52
17 10 Evan Spysinki Liquid Logic Stinger   11:55
18 20 Jacob Clark Jackson Karma Unlimited  12:01
19 19 Andrew O”Neill Dagger Green Boat    12:04
20 15 John Keller  Liquid Logic Stinger   12:08
21 17 John Manley Liquid Logic Stinger   12:12
22 35 Nathan Polley Liquid Logic Stinger   12:16
23 18 Rowan Stuart  Dagger Green Boat    12:19
24 24 Micah Cox Dagger Green Boat    12:24
25 31 Seth Scott Liquid Logic Stinger   12:30
26 23 Todd Van der Hoof  Dagger Green Boat    12:33
27 27 Nick Fiedler Liquid Logic Stinger   12:38
28 21 Allen Pippin Dagger Green Boat    12:59
29 29 Aeon Russo Jackson Karma Rock Garden 13:25
30 33 Rob Taylor  Liquid Logic Stinger   13:27
31 25 Wesley Bradley Jackson Karma Unlimited  13:30

Check out the Tallulah Race Video Edit by Jack Orr.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI5KTsNmTqM[/youtube]


It took a Village to pull off the First Tallulah Race…….and all of the Villagers did an awesome job!!!

Thank you to :
Georgia Power, Department of Natural Resources, the Georgia Canoeing Association and the ACA for working with us on the Permit and Insurance so we could hold the race.
Our Safety Officers, Ronny Barrett, Josh Shoda and Stephen Lambert for recruiting and working with a great team of safety boaters. …
Linc Stallings and Joshua Meade for the support rafts, Pat Kessler and Melissa Peters our Medical Officers.
The Timing Team of Jen Maxwell, Ben Peters, Kate Fraysier, Staci Ard, Conner Vorpahl and Halley Burleson.
Put In Pit Crew of Geoff Page, Courtney, Marbry, Todd and Olivia McGinnis.
Shuttle kindly provided by Kayak Columbus/Jim Malo, Liquid Logic/ Pat K and Allen Pippin.
Matthew Nielson and his media team including Jack Orr, Conner Vorphal, Sarah Ruhlen
Tammy Lea for Coordinating the Release Volunteers who do an amazing job with the smooth running of the releases.
Joe Gudger at ACE Kayak for taking care of the setup to show the Race Highlights at the awards and the idea to run a race at Tallulah (be grateful we didn’t go with his original idea of the race starting at the top of the stairs and ending at the Take Out for the “Tallulah Experience”).
World Kayak, Watershed, Astral
Special thanks go to Doug Webber for helping out and supporting a newbie with Race Logistics.

Thank you to the Racers that signed up to support the First Tallulah Race and to the non racing boaters for your patience on the stairs while we finished up the race.

(the list could go on…..)

Looking forward to Tallulah Race 2017!!
Laura Dillon – Tallulah Race Director – tallulahrace@gmail.com


Tallulah Race Facebook page for other event news and updates: