World Kayak brings you another exciting event to showcase the incredible sport of WW kayaking in British Columbia with the 5th annual Jordan Creek Race in Revelstoke.

Revelstoke is a sleepy ski town in the West Kootenays that hosts some of the best late summer to fall creeking in the area.  The race is a first of it’s kind on the Jordan and promises to be filled with stout lines and charging paddlers.


The details….

You asked for it so here it is!
This is the infamous, glorious long awaited 5th annual Jordan Race and as usual we’re giving short notice so please share the sh@# out of this so we can make folks rally!

Registration is between 1 and 2 pm, race at 3, 2 minute intervall starts. Be ready when you need to be.

The Jordan is a rad class IV-V run with a total of 6 big bed rock drops of which we’re most likely racing the last three IV’s and all the boogie inbetween.

It’s a team race with at least two boaters in the team.
Familiarity with the river and full creek safey equipment are expected.
Times will be taken, and the fastest boaters will win.

Safety will be provided by your team member. Any help you get outside that from other racers, organizers, bystanders or lost tourists should be considered a bonus so make sure you would be comfortable paddling the river alone with your friend on any other day, when glory is not on the line.

If anybody is keen to help out with timing and hopefully additional safety please let us know!

We’ll do awards after and as usual probably have a bit a of a ditch party…

As far as camping goes we’ll see how busy the river left or right pull outs at the take out bridge are and take it from there.
Bring your bikes, there’s a lot of balling trails coming out right there.

Share the stoke and see you all in Revy!!!

dropping the goods.

Location: Jordan River 3km from Revelstoke BC
Section: Race starts above #4 and finishes at the Bridge
Date and Time: August 30 th, 11:00am to 6:00pm
Length of race: 1.6km (approx)
Expected time of race: 9-15 minutes
Participants will sign a standard waiver of liability form.
No alcohol will be served at the event.

Please contact our facebook page at