A group of talented local boaters gathered at the Bend Whitewater Park Wednesday at 6pm to throw freestyle moves on Jason’s wave.  The wave was set to be a small foam pile on surfer’s right and a green wave to the left.  The weather was 95 degrees and the water was fine.  We did get a visit from the Bend Metro Parks and Recreation District code enforcement personnel who asked if any money was required to participate in the Throw-Down.  Thanks to World Kayak and their sponsors we were good to go with waivers signed  and a mix of participants/non-participants taking turns on the wave.  The boaters were having so much fun pushing the limits of Jason’s wave that we stayed past the end of completion and left just before dark. Loops are still hard to achieve, but there were more than last Fall’s HTTD. Several participants were gratefully surprised that swag was based only on participation and I look forward to seeing my friends sporting the good looking drivers cap.

1)  Kyle Anderson 136 pts

2)  Jeff Huebner 113 pts

3)  Orion Junkins 112 pts

4)  David Kinker  77 pts

5)  Aaron Anderson 67 pts

6)  Nick Webber 61 pts

7)  Stephen Junkins 60 pts

8)  Noel Anderson 56 pts

9)  Myria Bury 36 pts

10) Jason Flannery 34 pts

11) Blaine Davis 30 pts