Sorry for the late write up but I’ve been out of town. We had our first Hone Town Throwdown here in Idaho on June 24th. And our second Throwdown was last night, July 1st.

Trot ran our first HTTD as nobody from Boise could make it to cascade. Hwy 55 was closed due to an accident. So we figured a couple of locals from Cascade may show up since nobody from Boise would be able to make it up. Troy is living in Cascade, teaching at Kellys Whitewater Park so was already there. He texted me five minutes into the competition that 20 competitors showed up from the Cascade and McCall area!

Last night we had 12 paddlers and great weather for our Throwdown. The water levels shot up from 1,400 CDs to 2,100 CDs overnight and made for a flusher wave, but a few paddlers were able to dial it in and we had a great show from everyone. One of the surf instructors even jumped in the mix and had his first surf in a kayak :]

We had a great time at both Throwdowns and looking forward to our last two of the summer. If your in the area find us at Kellys Whitewater Park in Cascade, Idaho!

July 8th – 6PM
July 23rd – 1PM