No sweet boof this time but getting closer Travis!

Newbie Jordan hols an edge to keep from a flip in the rocky shallow water of Burleigh!

Week 1 of the KWP Fun Run Series kicked off last Thursday night with a great turnout of 15 paddlers despite the lowish water conditions. One of the great  things about the Fun Run’s location is the variety of river features, which provide lots of opportunity for honing various skills. Thursday night’s level meant that a pretty much perfect rock flake for boofing came into play on the main drop. As anyone who has tried to improve their boofing technique knows, it takes considerable proactive to nail the right form and this feature is perfect for that. Quick turnaround this week, next Fun Run on our rotating weekly Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday schedule is Tuesday, June 21st at Burleigh Falls, located about 30 minutes north of Peterborough on highway 28. Come on out anytime after 5:30 and join in the fun – here’s hoping for more water!