The first HTTD for 2016 went down with a great group full of energy for getting on the water. We met at Corbin Wave in Corbin Park Postfalls for an exciting Boater-X. It was bound to be an exciting race with Chris Hoffer on site to put together a challenging course of tough ferry’s and tight eddy turns. Each competitor was bound to be tired after each heat.
Heat 1 results:
Sarah Palmounter took first with her strong and fast ferry technique. It was a tight race for the second place slot and a shot at the finals. Patrick Farneman and Chris Mowry both charged side by side into the final eddy. Patrick made the last few paddle strokes count and clinched his spot in the finals. Chris Jundt was close behind the battle and looking for his window of opportunity to make a pass, but Patrick and Mowry would not provide an opening for Chris to make a move.
Heat 2:
From the start there was plenty of “rubbin’s racing” as the group stayed close together as they battled for the first and second position. The big ferry above Corbin wave separated the group as they came towards the finish line. Marcus Lees secured first, with Kevin Pryor in a close second, Celene Olgeirsoon hot on his tail for third and Ron Coddington paddling his hardest to make that tough ferry.
The group was already feeling a little tired from the first run but still ready charge a second round for finals. Little did they know that Chris Hoffer would add a few moves to the course adding another level of difficulty and need for endurance. The course made for multiple passes and racers swapped positions multiple times as they battled for the win.
1st Place: Sarah Palmounter almost blew the third eddy but managed to power in and continue on for the win.
2nd Place: Kevin Pryor was close behind Sarah with a high eddy catch on the third eddy and chasing her to the finish.
3rd Place: Patrick Farneman came out ahead after an elbow to elbow battle with Marcus for the third eddy.
4th Place: Marcus Lees may have lost the battle for the third eddy, but he made Patrick work to secure his third place finish.
Our next two HTTD’s are on the calendar for June 15th and July 13th. Location and event type will depend on flows and updates will be posted as we get closer to each event.
**Photos by Chris Hoffer
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