As the snow in the Sierras started melting and filling our rivers we transitioned from freestyle to creek racing for our Reno HTTDs.  Last Wednesday saw a fun crew take 2 runs down a 2-3 min course on the Truckee River’s Floriston Rapids.  Colin and I set up a fun course that involved a switch section and tough S-Turn maneuver.  Toby kept things going as the sun was setting and everyone improved on their second run over their first.


Results (2 runs + Penalties)

  1. Todd                      4:10
  2. Will                         4:19
  3. Ryan                      4:18
  4. Vinny                    4:29
  5. Scott                      4:34
  6. John                      4:39
  7. Kent                      4:40
  8. Molly                     5:39
  9. Connor                 5:42
  10. Kirk                        7:27

After the race everyone hung out and enjoyed beer from Ninkasi, a raffle with gear from our sponsors (which for the first time, the race winners name was the first one out of the hat), and plotted which of their favorite runs everyone was going to run that week.  Reno events are becoming a great place to network with others in the community for both boating beta and boating buddies.

Thanks to World Kayaks Sponsors:

  • JK
  • IR
  • Kokatat
  • Ninkasi
  • Mtn. Khakis
  • Shred Ready
  • Smith Optics
  • Accent Paddles
  • Astral

See everyone next week for our final event of the season at the Floriston rapids!!