We are excited to bring another season of HTTD events to Spokane this summer. Our First event will be this Wednesday. With a much better snow pack this year and spring flows being a little unpredictable, I have been closely watching the gauge and polling the community for input on the first event.
We will start the season off with a short and exciting boater cross race at the Corbin Wave Rapid!!!!
• This Wednesday May 11th at Corbin Park in Post falls. Pre-Race Meeting at 6:00.
• Short boater cross style race in the Corbin Wave Rapid. The number and size of heats will depend on how many come out to play.
• All you need is your gear and a throw bag if you have one.
• Come out even if you are not interested in racing. It will be fun to watch and there is always a need for safety kayakers.
• Also bring friends and/or family as this location is a great lay out to for those that would liketo watch.
• After wards we will finish up in the parking lot with some laughs and swag.
A big thanks to World Kayak and their sponsors for providing the logistical pieces needed to make these fun grass root events happen. There will be plenty of pictures and stories to post soon.
To end the season last year we held the first ever “Best Line Competition” at the Devil’s Toenail. The water levels were low but you couldn’t tell by the size of the crowd and the energy that was brought to the water. Participants took multiple laps down the Toenail rapid and it was fun to watch the creativity as they pushed themselves to pick new lines.
• Best Boof-Chris Dibble sent it big getting his entire boat out of the water and landing with that classic “boof” sound that could be heard from shore.
• Best Style-Pat Harbine show cased his experience hitting the left line with smooth style and with a minimal three strokes through the entire rapid.
• Most Creative-Kurt Dobbins with a backwards eddy move down the center line.
• Best Carnage-A toss-up between Ron Coddington’s roll in the main drop of the left line and Theron Vanhoff’s upside down run on the right side boof.
• Best Eddy Turn-Bucky Sturgean showing us how it’s down eddy hopping down the left side of the Toe Nail and snapping the turns with authority.
• Most Supportive-Celene Olgeirsson cheering the every paddler on from top to bottom of their run and making sure safety was in place.
o We also had a good crew of spectators cheering for each paddler as they made run after run.
• Best Brace-Tom Moore hitting a big brace and recovery as his boat tried to take him for ride in a stern squirt.
Looking forward to seeing everybody tomorrow for another fun evening on the water!