APE's Logo3 days & 2 nights on the Congaree April 22-24 ‏. This is a self contained trip meaning all your food & gear must fit in your kayak/canoe for the entire expedition.

Leaving out Friday morning to drive to Harry Hampton Visitor Center where we get our permit.

We will be putting in at Bannister Bridge Access after dropping off a vehicle at S. Cedar Creek Rd.
We plan to camp near there to hopscotch another vehicle down to the Hwy 601 bridge for the next day.

It is very windy and tight at the top of the river where we put in. Boats over 14′ will be greatly challenged, so Day Touring Kayaks, Crossovers or Canoes are suggested. And there may be logs or places we have to drag or pull our boats through so bring good water shoes for mud!

Food: You will need 2 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts along with your river snacks. Bring water and means to filter water.

We are hoping the insects won’t be bad yet but don’t forget your bug spray and head nets just in case!

Trip Coordinator: Michael Crooks, 828-284-2587 or nolipirate1@gmail.com

Congaree NPS Info: http://www.nps.gov/cong/index.htm

Maps can be found online or emailed to you.