For all of you in Atlanta who haven’t taken the trip up to Rock Island, you should! Especially in the winter months. The Falls (or Spout) runs a bunch in the winter time, for some 18 to 25 ft drops that can be ran all day long. Not into waterfalls? ITS OKAY, there is some sweet waves and holes below “the spout” that is the training grounds for the Jacksons, Clay Wright and Stephen Wright. During the winter months you may be paddling with Dane, Nick, Stephen or Emily on a regular basis. Its about a 4 hour drive ( being conservative ) to get here and it is a beautiful drive. So get up there and check it out!! Look up The Happy Kayakers, they can help you with accommodations shuttles or whatever you need really. FANTASTIC people!!

Check out this video we made of Rock Island!!

Rock Island Video