The middle Tennessee area offers a variate of beautiful scenic rivers and streams to paddle for all skill levels. You can find information about these streams through various sources. The World Kayak Federation is here to promote the sport of kayaking throughout all communities. You can progress from a novice paddler to an expert paddler within a short time with the right instruction and will to learn. All of the streams in the mid-TN areas are accessible in most cases except for when land owners post their property then you will need permission. Hosting Hometown Throwdowns in small towns where the streams are located helps educate landowners with kayaking as well. This will help future access to these streams. Please visit and come join us for some fun at your next Hometown Thrown near you. Our next Hometown Throwdown is January 9, 2016 at 10 am at Lilly Bridge on Clear Creek in Crossville, TN. We look forward to seeing you on the river.