January 9, 2016

Columbia, SC on the Saluda River Home of the Saluda Boyz
Registration: 9:30-11:00 @ The top of Millrace
Racing Begins at High Noon…
Cost: $20 Dollars

Millrace Massacre

The first race of the day will be the Millrace Massacre which will commence at high noon. The length
requirement for the race is 8’6 and under, no exceptions. Must be a plastic boat. A set course will be
shown to the competitors the day of the race. The course will be water level dependant. It will start at the
top of Millrace and end in the vicinity of Fisherman’s Rock. The course will be outlined with markers
showing all the required eddies/routes the racers must go through. With this being a time trial event, speed
is going to be the name of the game. Top winner takes home the CASH.

Iceman Championships

The Iceman Championships is the race that separates the men from the boyz. The Iceman is going to be
a mass start race with all the competitors starting in a line up. The race will start at the red pier and will
run through Millrace and down to the Zoo Bridge. Once to the Bridge racers will go around the bridge
and head back to the sandy beach where they are required to hike there boats back up the portage trail. At
the top the racers will reenter the water and run Millrace again. It is then that the racers will abandon ship
above the Mosh Pit and swim with their kayaks back to the sandy beach. In the Iceman you can paddle
whatever boat you may like whether it is a traditional whitewater kayak or if it is a sea kayak. The longer
the better.

Prizes will be awarded at the party for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Additional prizes may be handed out in a
competitor drawing during the party.