A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of introducing Max Nielsen to Tumwater Canyon of the Wenatchee River. I had heard Max was in town from West Virginia from my co-worker Dan Int-Hout who gave me his number and said he was looking to paddle. I hit Max up and after a short verbal screening, it turned out the dude could shred! So I set him up with a boat, paddle, and all the gear and gave him the Tumwater Tour twice while he was in Leavenworth. He killed it! As Max and his girlfriend Sierra Sans departed Bavaria Land to continue on their journey through the PNW, I asked him if he could write up a little story about his experience in Leavenworth. The following is what he provided me:

The Pacific Northwest has always appealed to me, as it does to any paddler or adventurer seeker. By chance of circumstances, the opportunity had risen for me to venture from the East coast to this wild gem. I had only two weeks to get the “PNW tour”, so I packed lightly, leaving behind all my river gear with the exception of my union suit, hoping that I may be fated by the chance to get on some great whitewater.”

Photo: Christopher Kelly

            Flying into Spokane where my girlfriend had recently attended college, we drove west to Leavenworth to stay with a friend and explore the Cascades. Immediately into our arrival to this small German town I felt a sense of home, as if I were back in Denmark where I was born. In Danish, we refer to home as “hyggelit” (you can try to pronounce that if you wish), also meaning cozy, and it’s just how I felt. From the shops to the structure of the unique buildings to the friendly woman at the bakery who danced while making my sandwich; I felt home.

Bombing down The Wall. Photo: Christopher Kelly