Congrats to Dane, Geoff, and Isaac for the podium finishes!

We had a record Turnout for the race this year. Ninety six racers by my count.

This was the 21st edition of the Russell Fork Race. It was renamed “The Lord of the Fork” race in honor of Jon Lord, who died at Tower in 2004. If you could decipher the script at the bottom of the bibs, it pays tribute to him.

I would like to mention that Chris Hipgrave, who for years held the course record for the race, which he set in a Wavehopper, was part of the very first timed event in 1995. He has been a regular, and is still at the top of the field, competing against some who weren’t even born then. Well done Chris!

The 30 second interval start seemed to go over well. I know there were a number of passes, which we hope to minimize. It was sure exciting to watch at the finish.

Thanks for your patience with the delayed start. We had a number of very late entries, which we’ll need to find a better way to deal with next year.

Safety is always a worry when organizing an event such as this. Thanks to those who were willing to set safety along the river. JB Seay and BJ Phillips hiked in with safety gear. Others paddled in.

Thanks to all who volunteered: Jesse Sammons, Gerald Delong and Daman Patterson for starting everyone off. Sadly Willy Witt had to miss out on his duties there this year. Jay Ditty, who was willing to start early after sprinting to the start after dealing with the late entries, and then race first to help with timing. And Maggie Snowel for registration, and bib management. My least favorite part of an event like this is hounding folks for their bibs. Thanks to all who made our life easier by handing them back.

And Thanks to all who donated to cover costs. Many gave extra, which will cover most of our annual expense, which is primarily insurance. And to those who donated prizes and awards.

Hope to see you next year.


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