Well as Fall arrives things are bleak out in the Northwest. River are pretty low and only a few are runnable. So you could work on your rain dance until the rains come, or you can head to the pool for some Kayak Polo. Both Portland ( https://www.facebook.com/portland.kayakpolo?fref=ts ) and Hood River ( https://www.facebook.com/Hood-River-Kayak-Polo-163053185802/timeline/ ) have Kayak Polo programs.

Hood River and Portland differ somewhat in their approach. Portland follows the rules very closely and several of the players compete in National competitions (yep they take it seriously). However Hood River is more laid back. They play in whatever boat you show up in (creek, playboat, whatever), don’t keep score and socialize after the games. All equipment is provided except kayak, paddle and PFD.

Hood River kayak polo starts Thursday, October 8th at 8pm at the Hood River Pool and runs for 10 sessions. Then it starts up again in January for another 10 sessions. Once play starts it runs pretty continuously for an hour. So you get a great workout in an indoor pool (warm in the winter!) and get to work on your boat control (even rolling).

So if you are sitting around this Fall/Winter and looking for some exercise in a kayak, give Kayak Polo a try in the Pacific Northwest.